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Plumbing Revision Apps

UPDATED Revision Program available for Android and IOS

There are two apps available:

Level 2 for Android phone and tablet, opens in new window

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Level 2 for Apple IOS phone and tablet, opens in new window

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Level 3 for Android,phone and tablet, opens in new window

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Level 3 for Apple IOS phone and tablet, opens in new window

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of your questions answered

Who are the intended audience for this program?

Learners who are undertaking the City and Guilds 6035, 6189 and 6981 Diploma Certificate

Who wrote the program?

The writer is Barry Spick a Plumbing teacher in a large F.E. college in the North of England. Barry worked for 33 years as a plumber before he started teaching plumbing, as well as being a plumber he also has an IT qualification in software engineering. Barry is a qualified teacher, Assessor, Internal Verifier and has worked with the 6129 Technical Certificate since its onset in 2004.

About the GOLA tests

What are the GOLA tests?

The GOLA tests are the City and Guilds Global On Line Assessments.

For the Level 2 there are 11 subjects, 12 if you are a modern apprentice, plus the final synoptic test which covers all subjects.

At Level 3 you have 8 subject Gola tests plus 1 final synoptic test.

As teachers we are becoming more aware, due to the feedback we get from our learners, of the way in which the City and Guilds are wording the questions. The way in which they word the questions can be confusing to some learners. My advice to the learners which I teach is to break down the questions and pick out the keywords.

I have been using this program for some time now with my learners and have been getting good results. The questions have been constantly updated to align them with new regulations and standards.

How does the program work?

The program works by you choosing any one of the subjects that you wish to practice with. The next step is to pick the amount of questions you wish to answer, this is from 5 to 60.

You then enter the question section where the questions are randomly chosen by the computer from the question bank for that subject. For example at present there is 157 questions in the Health and Safetry question bank covering all aspects of the health and safety scheme standards. Some questions have images associated with them also, some as a clue, others are for you to identify something.

On completion of all the questions you are then taken to a results screen where you can check how well, or how poorly, you have done. If you have done well and have got the required pass mark, you are able to print a certificate

If you want to you can then go back to the subject options screen and begin another test. The questions are reset so you may get some of the same. You can keep a check on your progress by checking up on the past results screen. For image views and video go to software page

What options for buying do I have?

There are two options for getting the software

    Option 1 - Go to the App store to purchase for IPhones and IPads

    Option 2 - Go to the Play store to purchase for Android phones and Tablets

To search for a website press the following link webguide

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